Liščí Farma Camp in the Krkonoše Mountains has 240 spaces arranged by **** and meets all the needs of modern camping (we are members of several prestigious international organizations). You can even stay for a shorter or longer period in any season of the year. We offer two types of camping:

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Standard camping includes 100m2 and a 6A electricity hook up. In winter months we offer a camp size of 80 - 90m2 with a 10A electricity connection.


Comfort need not be expensive. If you are more demanding in your camping needs, then you can take advantage of our comfortable campsites. 150m2 sites and a 10A electricity connection, as well as an advantageous location right next to the children’s playground and at the same time in the in the center of our facility. Despite this convenient location, the area is tranquil and pleasant, especially when vacationing with children.

We accept ACSI CARD for € 12.

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Liščí Farma camp infrastructure

The facility is equipped with sanitation facilities, which we clean regularly throughout the day and pay attention to hygiene. The facilities include shower cubicles, toilets for the disabled as well as cosmetic boxes.

Also available is a kitchen with cooker and fridge, washing machines, dryers, bathtubs and changing areas for babies.

The facility also includes chemical drainage tanks with a draining and service space.

Other services

A summer kitchen with patio cover makes for comfortable outdoor sitting, where you’ll feel at home. Our camp has various programs prepared for caravan clubs. We offer group discounts, a number of excursions and culinary events. In between seasons we can make your stay in this tranquil environment even more pleasant with significant discounts.




Have you decided on a shorter stop during a vacation trip? Quickcamp is designed for shorter stays (max. 48 hours) with various types of habitable vehicles. The facility meets the strictest safety standards.

An advantage is the possibility of immediate decision and much lower costs for your stay and services in comparison with camp prices. Quickcamp is open all year and is the only facility of its kind not just in the Krkonoš Mountains, but also in entire Eastern Bohemian region.

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Long-term camping

Are you looking for a winter base for your camper or caravan? Liščí Farma offers advantageous parking for the entire winter season, not just for caravans, but even campers and trailers.

Holiday Park Liščí Farma is situated on the edge of the town of Vrchlabí in the Giant Mountains, very close to the excellent facilities of the Herlíkoviceski resort.

Caravan owners are sure to appreciate the availability of long-term caravan stays for their mobile loved ones.